Posted on February 28, 2022

NWFHA Advocacy: Denial to Purchase at a Mobile Home Park

*“Carla” and *“Felipe” have been living with their children in the United States for over twenty years and have been renting while saving money to buy their own home. Their son “Alberto,” 17 years old, found an ad and opportunity for them to purchase a mobile home at a Park in their community. The family had been pre-approved for a home loan. The trio went to the Mobile Home Park to ask about purchasing and have a tour. At the Park office, the manager opened the door and Carla (in Spanish) stated they were interested in purchasing the listed mobile home and needed some information. Alberto, bilingual, translated for the Park Manager. The Park Manager said the trailer cost $60,000 and stated, “I don’t think you have the money to pay, because it is expensive, and this place is for only people who speak English, and only people over 60 years old with no kids.” Alberto felt embarrassed and humiliated by the Park Manager’s words. The Manager then spoke to Felipe. “You speak English, but you (pointing at “Carla”) don’t know anything.” Carla replied in Spanish, “We don’t speak English.” The Manager responded, “We don’t want people here that don’t speak English and have kids.”  She closed the office door and refused to allow the family a tour or information about the home.

*Names changed to protect privacy*. 

Protected Class Violation: National Origin and Color


NWFHA assisted Complainants with filing HUD discrimination complaints against the manager and owner of the Mobile Home Park. The complainants reached a conciliation agreement for $4,500 ($1,500 per person) and public interest relief. Respondents and their employees must watch a 90-minute fair housing training conducted by HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, advertise the Mobile Home Park in English and Spanish / bilingual newspapers in the area and hang Fair Housing posters at its leasing office in a conspicuous location, along with any other locations where Respondents provide business to tenants or tenant-owners at its properties.