Housing Consumers

Tenants, rental applicants, homebuyers, homeowners and condominium owners are protected from housing discrimination. The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) provides protection, equal opportunity, and discrimination free housing on the basis of: race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and familial status. The WA Law Against Discrimination (WLAD) gives additional housing protections for marital status, sexual orientation / gender identity, and veteran / military status. If you pass a housing provider’s screening criteria, and are able to pay the deposits, rent and associated fees advertised, you should be free to choose the housing that best suits you and/or your family.

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Housing Providers

Fair housing is good for our communities. Property managers, landlords, real estate brokers, mortgage originators, insurers, homeowner and condominium associations, appraisers, developers, architects and engineers can be liable for violations of fair housing laws. Get informed. Stay Informed.

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Housing Transactions

The FHA and WLAD cover all parts of a housing transaction: housing search; application and screening; rental, sale, and mortgage contracts; property insurance; terms and conditions of tenancy; lease renewal, termination of tenancy and eviction.

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