Posted on June 22, 2023

Reasonable Accommodation to Renew Lease Via Paper Rather than Online

“Joe” is a 30-year-old man who has a disability. Both Joe and his mother had lived at their apartment for 8 years. The apartment complex recently came under new management. The new management wanted all tenants to correspond, sign and date leases, renew leases, request repairs, and pay their rent online. Joe was unable to renew his lease under new management rules due to his disability, which put his housing at risk. Joe and his mother contacted NWFHA looking for assistance regarding this matter.

NWFHA informed Joe that he had the right to ask for a reasonable accommodation and NWFHA could write one on his behalf. Joe and his mother were happy to hear that an agency was able to help them during this process. NWFHA asked the new management in writing for a reasonable accommodation for Joe to renew his lease on paper instead of electronically. Joe was granted the reasonable accommodation and was able to renew his lease and secure his tenancy for another year.