Video: Systemic Race Discrimination in Spokane - A 6 Minute History

It is unlawful, because of race or color, to:

  • Fail to accept or consider a bona fide offer for the sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Refuse to sell or rent, or negotiate for the sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Impose different sales prices or rental charges for the sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Use different qualification criteria, applications, or procedures
  • Evict tenants because of their race or color or race or color of a guest
  • Discriminate in the terms, conditions or privileges, or provision of services or facilities in connection with sales or rentals
  • Enforce covenants, deed, trust, or lease provisions which preclude the sale or rental of a dwelling to any person because of race
  • Represent that covenants, deed, trust or lease provisions which purport to restrict the sale or rental of dwellings because of race preclude the sale of rental of a dwelling
  • Make, print or publish any notice, statement or advertisement that indicates any preference, limitation or discrimination because of race or color
  • Represent that a dwelling is not available for sale or rental when it is available
  • Assign a person to a particular section of a community, neighborhood or development, or floor of a building, because of race


It is unlawful to:

  • Discourage any person from inspecting, purchasing or renting a dwelling because of race, or because of the race of persons in a community, neighborhood or development.
  • Discourage the purchase or rental of a dwelling because of race, by exaggerating drawbacks or failing to inform any person of desirable features of a dwelling or of a community, neighborhood, or development.
  • Communicate to any prospective purchaser that he or she would not be comfortable or compatible with existing residents of a community, neighborhood or development because of race.


It is unlawful to:

  • Encourage, for profit, any person to sell or rent a dwelling through assertions that the entry or prospective entry of persons of a particular race, can or will result in undesirable consequences for the project, neighborhood or community, such as a lowering of property values, an increase in criminal or antisocial behavior, or a decline in the quality of schools or other services or facilities.
  • Engage, for profit, in conduct which conveys to a person that a neighborhood is undergoing or is about to undergo a change in the race of persons residing in it, in order to encourage the person to offer a dwelling for sale or rental.